About Us

Lynxhead Furniture is a collaboration between three friends who share a love of vintage and antique furniture, and everything in-between.  We pride ourselves on sourcing and selling high quality furniture from bygone era's for customers to enjoy. Furniture, whether it be an armchair or sideboard brings about a connection and love often through nostalgia from childhood, so whether your memories are of antique, vintage or retro furniture we have something for you.

Found in varying conditions they are revived to high standards ready to be admired within your home. Some are antiques, some are vintage and some retro. Much of the 1980's and 90's furniture can be dismissed as it falls out of the above categories yet some fantastic pieces were made in this period and of real quality. 

The ethos around our company is one of sustainability, and in times of such wastage we feel it necessary to gather these furnishings together and extend their usability for your enjoyment. 

Together we have combined experience of woodworking, furniture making and artistic processes.